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Are you having trouble finding motivation in your life? There may be a change in your daily routine, or you could be going through a stressful time. There are many reasons you may be in a rut and unable to complete even the simplest tasks. 

Don’t get down on yourself! Here are a few tips on how to find that inner motivation and complete your to-do lists.

Time Management

The first step in attempting to dig up some motivation is to plan ahead. You may feel overwhelmed or stressed, and a task may seem so daunting you don’t even want to get it started. The best way to tackle your to-do list is to break it down into days. Begin by separating each item and then prioritizing them so you can start with the most timely task. Then, you can break it down into how long each task should take so you can account for breaks, rest periods, and time with friends.


It is nearly impossible to successfully complete a task if your life is in disarray. This can be as simple as cleaning your bathroom, organizing your coat closet, organizing your files on your computer, or cleaning out the refrigerator. By completing a miscellaneous task that may or may not be a low priority on your to-do list, you will feel accomplished and prepared to tackle your next task. 

Take a Break

The most important part of a busy workday is taking a break. Plan ahead for a nice walk or run outside, watch your favorite TV show, grab your painting supplies and plan your next art piece, or do a regenerative yoga session. Whatever you choose to do, a break is essential for mental clarity and overall happiness. This mental break should prepare your mind (and body!) to tackle the next item on your list with ease. 

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Call a Friend

The act of calling a friend or family member may not be on your list, but it should be. A simple phone call can make someone’s day, and adding these special conversations into the daily routine can make a world of difference! Talking to a loved one may help you sort out your to-do list and work through why you are stressed. They may even have ideas and advice on how to calm yourself down and motivate yourself to finish what you have started. 


Last, but certainly not least, is the reward. This is what everyone looks forward to when completing a to-do list. Now, to make it even better, plan a fun happy hour with friends, a vacation, or a simple day trip to your favorite shopping mall or art museum. This will give you something to look forward to throughout the week, and it may even give you that extra push to power through a difficult day!

Now that you have read about some helpful tips on finding your motivation in life, you should hopefully be able to tackle your to-do list with ease. Tomorrow is a new day. We all have off days, and we deserve rest days. And those restful days are all the more worth it with peace of mind that you have no task hanging over your head.